What does the Austrian research landscape need?

The RIS Synergy project takes significant steps towards digitizing the research landscape in Austria. By setting standards, digitizing services, and networking expertise, a sustainable and forward-looking basis for research operations is created. The project aims to develop open access and exchange opportunities for systems of funding agencies, research institutions, and public administration. This not only relieves researchers, but also increases efficiency and quality in research support and improves the data quality of research outputs.

Another essential goal of the project is to develop a conceptual study for a national research portal. Such portals have already been successfully implemented in many countries, with different focuses, providing a platform to increase the visibility of national research achievements, to identify new research priorities early on, and to offer innovative networking opportunities for research, politics, industry, and the interested public.

To better understand the needs and interests of potential target groups for such a research portal, we have created an online questionnaire. The questionnaire aims to inquire about the interest in information, services, and tools and to capture an overview of the needs within the Austrian research landscape. The questionnaire is expected to provide valuable additions and insights to be considered in further work on the national research portal.

We invite you to participate in this survey and express your wishes and needs! 

Please take the time to complete the questionnaire by June 30, 2023:

We thank you in advance for your contribution to shaping the Austrian research landscape.