Seven thematic working groups were defined in Subproject 1 (“Interfaces”). Each of them passes two phases: “Analysis & Standard Definition” and “Implementation”:

The working groups are:

  • Working group 01 – Call Information: interface to collect information on funding programs shared by the funding organisations
  • Working group 02 –Project Master Data: interface to exchange project master data
  • Working group 03 – Research Output: delivery of research output to funding organisations
  • Working group 04 – Financial Data: interface with a focus on facilitating project accounting
  • Working group 05 – Organisational Structure and Account Management: automated transmission of organisational structures, allowing authentication across institutions
  • Working group 06 – Standards: adapting the interfaces to CERIF; discussion of common compliance issues
  • Working group 07 – Data Management Plans: exchange of metadata relevant to DMPs

In Subproject 2 (“Concept Study for a Research Portal”), we formulate a concept for a national research portal. The subproject includes the following work packages:

  • Analysis
  • Thematic definition
  • Creation of versions

Subproject 2 will start in March 2021.

RIS Synergy Organisationsdiagramm