ARI&Snet and RIS Synergy meets SRCE

A delegation from the ARI&Snet and RIS Synergy projects of TU Wien and the University of Vienna visited SRCE, the computer centre of the University of Zagreb. During three days, a detailed overview of all services of the centralised data centre was provided.

After an overview of SRCE and its governance, all relevant areas were presented. The management of the services and their further development, authentication and identity management, but also teaching and the technical infrastructure were not neglected.

The second day focussed on the technical aspect: the Computing and Storage department and the Advanced Computing department. The respective department heads presented their departments. The newly built Borongaj data centre on the university campus in Zagreb was also visited.

On the third and final day, all centralised services of the Department of Information Infrastructure and the Department of Data Management were presented. The heads of the Information Infrastructure Department explained the general overview of the national and international information systems. The latter included the repositories, Open Science Support and the national networks. The topic of future co-operation and common interests was the focus of the last day.

Two pictures of the visit to the Borongaj data centre, © A. Linster

Cover picture © SRCE

SRCE Gruppenfoto TU Wien, Uni Wien