Financial data: First RIS Synergy interface goes live

The interface for the exchange of financial project data for the Austrian Science Fund (FWF) went live in July 2021. Until 30 September 2021, universities could transmit the 2020 annual project accounting data for §27 projects using the new interface for the first time. The data was sent from SAP directly to the FWF.

The going live of this interface and the first transmission of real data between universities and funding organisations is a milestone of the RIS Synergy project.

As a next step, the interface will undergo a phase of evaluation in the spirit of sustainable quality management. Research institutions that have already submitted the annual project accounting data via the interface are invited to report feedback, errors, and suggestions for improvement. RIS Synergy coordinates and processes the feedback about the financial data interface for all Austrian research institutions. This guarantees a coordinated solution for all Austrian research institutions.

The FWF and BRZ will evaluate the feedback of the research institutions in the weeks to come, and implement the feedback in the best possible way. Thus, the changes will already be implemented for the upcoming 2021 annual accounts.