EUNIS 2023 – RIS Synergy presented in IT Support for Research Track

At the EUNIS 2023 Congress in Vigo, Spain, a delegation of the RIS Synergy consortium (Elena Fürst, Michael Greil and Madeleine Harbich, University of Vienna) presented project findings and discussed future challenges with the participants in the IT Support for Research track. The presentation  (along with the ensuing paper) is titled “Creating a Common Language Across Institutions: Lessons Learned and Challenges”.

In addition to the Austrian contribution, other CRIS (Current Research Information System) Ambassadors, well-known to and connected with the project consortium via the RIS Synergy-initiated euroCRIS Working Group on National and Regional Research Portals (CRISCROS), presented their findings. Hanna-Mari Puuska from CSC in Finland, who is part of the euroCRIS Board, gave an overview of the international CRIS landscape, focussing on national and regional research portals. EuroCRIS Secretary Pablo de Castro, University of Strathclyde clarified the role of universities in the implementation of persistent identifiers (PIDs), a topic also dealt with in RIS Synergy. Another euroCRIS board member, Anna Guillaumet from SIGMA, informed the participants about Research Information Management (RIM) und Current Research Information (CRIS) using the example of VIVO, an open-source RIM software. Aldona Tomczyńska of the National Information Processing Institute in Poland provided insights into the functionalities of the recently launched Polish information technology system that facilitates statistical data on research and higher education in Poland.

RIS Synergy connected with valuable contacts in the EUNIS track on IT Support for Research and brought home new insights, which are especially important for carrying out a concept study for a national research portal in Austria.