eLabFTW & Austrian Bioinformatics Workshop 2024 at Graz

The Austrian Bioinformatics Workshop took place this year on 3 July 2024 at the Medical University of Graz. The workshop itself was embedded around the celebrations of the 20th anniversary of the Centre for Medical Research (ZMF) of the Medical University of Graz. In cooperation with the Austrian Bioinformatics Platform, a series of keynote speakers, exciting lectures and social activities were offered. The topic of national research infrastructures and facilities for life science data was also addressed, including the new ELIXIR node Austria.

Research data management and the application of FAIR principles in bioinformatics were also represented this year. Representatives of the Shared RDM Services & Infrastructure project were therefore invited to present current results. In keeping with the background of the event, insights were given into the work of the Austrian Electronic Laboratory Notebook (ELN) community, which has emerged from the collaboration between the universities involved in the Shared RDM project. During the workshop, the ELN solution eLabFTW was presented, as well as the prototype of a compact software that uses the eLabFTW API to automate certain activities for researchers and thus increase the accessibility and findability of research data and metadata.

If you are interested in the Shared RDM project or directly in the work of the ELN community, please get in touch.


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