Data model for programme information created

The “Programme Information” team will implement the first component in the implementation phase of the project. The aim is to exchange data on submission options between funding organisations and universities. Essential data on funding programmes (and on calls and current tenders) are to be transmitted to the universities via an interface so that these data are immediately available in the local systems. The purpose is to increase the visibility of funding opportunities and, in doing so, facilitate in-house communication for universities. In addition, it will be possible to match specific applications to funding organisations, programs, and calls already during the application process, thus facilitating further processes at the universities.


Researchers will receive increased support in their search for funding programmes relevant to them, as they can identify them more easily and are quickly informed when a new call is opened.

Here, too, the underlying once-only principle will make funding processes much more efficient. Research Services will no longer have to distil the funding information into the data they need for internal processing; instead, the information is centrally provided by the funding organisations themselves.


The team agreed on the data the funding organisations can provide and which of these the universities need. In this step, the team also reached appropriate definitions for the respective data fields based on their differences. The team then analysed to what extent this information can be mapped with CERIF since RIS Synergy aims to adhere to the established CERIF data model as much as possible. Finally, based on the identified data fields and the CERIF standard, the team developed a data model that provides the foundation for the subsequent development of the interface.

Datenmodell Programminformationen