CRIS2022 – RIS Synergy at the euroCRIS 2022 Conference

From 12th to 14th of May 2022, the 15th international euroCRIS Conference (CRIS2022) took place in Dubrovnik, Croatia. The international participants of the CRIS community took part in numerous presentations and used the event for personal exchange and for establishing new contacts.

RIS Synergy actively helped shape the programme by organising a half-day workshop titled “National Research Portal: The dos and don’ts of building a sustainable portal”. Four project presentations kicked off the workshop, starting with a detailed presentation of the RIS Synergy project, in which the project outcomes (creating interfaces and the concept study for a national research portal) and the project set-up (a bottom-up approach) were introduced to an international audience (“Implementing CRIS Interfaces with RIS Synergy: Challenges and Opportunities of a Multidisciplinary Bottom-Up Approach”). The additional projects presented in the paper session of the workshop were the Croatian croRIS project, the Spanish Hércules project, and the EC Data4R&I policy initiative of the European Commission.

Following the paper presentations, the RIS Synergy team moderated a panel discussion about the workshop topic. Various representatives of projects about national research portals in Finland, Flanders, Catalonia, Croatia, Norway and Austria (RIS Synergy) participated in the panel. The discussion offered many insights into the experiences and best-practice examples regarding the development of national research portals.