FAIR-IMPACT National Roadshow Austria

The FAIR-IMPACT National Roadshow visited Austria on June 18th. This event was hosted by the Graz University of Technology (TU Graz) as part of “Shared RDM Services & Infrastructure” project. Around 50 participants from Austria and beyond joined to explore the latest advancements in Open Science within the country and to learn about outcomes from EOSC-related projects, including FAIR-IMPACT.

Speakers and Topics

The event was moderated by Barbara Sánchez Solís (TU Wien and 2nd speaker of the General Assembly of EOSC Support Office Austria).

Key presentations included:
Ilire Hasani-Mavriqi (TU Graz and Shared RDM Services & Infrastructure project coordinator) provided an overview of Austria’s Open Science and Research Data Management landscape. She presented the current results of the Shared RDM project and highlighted the importance of enhancing research benefits by reducing complexity and improving the accessibility of applications.

Tereza Kalová (Uni Wien, Chair of the Management Board of EOSC Support Office Austria) presented the actions and services offered by the EOSC Support Office Austria, emphasizing the numerous opportunities for community engagement and involvement at the national level.

Tomasz Miksa (TU Wien, OSTrails technical coordinator) delivered an insightful presentation on machine-actionable Data Management Plans (DMPs), demonstrating the functionality of DMP tools and their potential benefits for researchers.

The program concluded with presentations from Robert Ulrich (KIT and FAIR-IMPACT), Yann Le Franc (e-Science Data Factory and FAIR-IMPACT), and Joonas Kesaniemi (CSC and FAIR-IMPACT). These experts showcased methods to enhance the trustworthiness and FAIR-enabling capabilities of repositories, and offered insights into metadata, semantics, and interoperability. The event wrapped up with an open discussion on the presented topics.

Additional information

The full program and recording of the event can be found here.