Collaboration between Shared RDM Services & Infrastructure and ARI&Snet projects

In November 2023, a workshop hosted at TU Graz marked a noteworthy milestone in fostering collaboration between the Shared RDM Services & Infrastructure and ARI&Snet projects, both recipients of the BMBWF awards within the Cluster Research Data. This workshop aimed to establish a solid foundation for their partnership, with a clear objective of identifying synergies, facilitating discussions on cooperation, delving into framework conditions and technical solutions, setting priorities, and defining the subsequent steps.
The workshop brought together participants from TU Wien, the University of Vienna, and TU Graz, representing expertise in research data management, research infrastructures and cloud computing. In the collaborative spirit of the event, attendees exchanged ideas and formulated strategies to optimize synergies between Shared RDM Services & Infrastructure and ARI&Snet. A key focus emerged on the imperative to enhance collaboration between projects, underscoring the commitment to supporting the research community more efficiently and effectively.
In-depth discussions on framework conditions and technical solutions yielded valuable insights that provide a solid foundation for future efforts. The collective commitment and insights gained during the workshop set the stage for a future collaboration between Shared RDM Services & Infrastructure and ARI&Sent projects with regular meetings and joint dissemination and outreach activities.