Workshop „Hands-On Research Data“ Presentations

Date and location of the symposium: 14.05.2024 at TUtheSky

Here you can find the presentations of services developed by FAIRCORE4EOSC:

Introduction to FAIRCORE4EOSC (Tommi Suominen, CSC):


RDGraph– EOSC Research Discovery Graph Service (Thanasis Vergoulis, OpenAIRE and Claudio Atzori, CNR):



RAiD– Research Activity Identifier Service (Clifford Tatum, SURF):

PIDMR– EOSC PID Meta Resolver (Sven Bingert, GDWG and Themis Zamani, GRNET):

CAT– The Compliance Assessment toolkit (Wim Hugo, DANS):


MSCR– Metadata Schema and Crosswalk Registry (Joonas Kesäniemi, CSC):

DTR– EOSC Data Type Registry (Hans Lienhop, GDWG):

FAIR IMPACT: Calls for support (Josefine Nordling, CSC):

Thank you for your attendance yesterday!

Faircore4EOSC Presentation