FAIR Data Austria team successfully concludes second project year with online meeting

On the 1st and 2nd of December 2021, the FAIR Data Austria team met for a virtual project meeting. In addition to numerous professional topics, the meeting also focused on social networking (with getting to know each other) and a review of goals already achieved.

Overview of the schedule

The following topics were presented by experts of the project team and then worked on together in the group:

Day 1

  • Inter-university training
  • Repositories for databases
  • maDMPs (machine-actionable Data Management Plans)

Day 2

  • Data Stewardship
  • Repositories for research data
  • FAIR Office Austria

After the presentation of the respective topic, predefined questions were answered and discussed. In order to support the digital collaboration in the best possible way, the online whiteboard Mural was used, on which the participants noted their opinions and ideas.


The participants of the project meeting gained a comprehensive insight into the work packages of other team members and were thus able to get an overall view and identify potential synergies. In addition, a broad common understanding for the project orientation in 2022 was created. Due to the heterogeneous composition of the project team (with diverse professional backgrounds from natural sciences and economics), a wide variety of perspectives could be incorporated, which represent an added value for the next steps in the work packages of FAIR Data Austria.