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European Open Science Cloud – Kick-Off successful at the Vienna Scientific Cluster

To allow research groups to use the ADLS-blueprints, the collaboration with Sparkle on Google Cloud was successfully kicked off and the first users onboarded to GCP.

We are looking forward to porting the OpenScienceLabs over to GCP in the coming months and offer first workshops this winter.

OpenScienceLabs (OSL) enable the sharing of HPC code and results using cloud technology. It provides a universal wrapper for running code in the browser, with access to parallel or special purpose hardware. OSL utilises cloud-native methods and DevSecOps practices, such as containerisation, orchestration, automation, and security measures. It simplifies usage for new or non-expert users by eliminating the need for compilation, installation, or operational tasks. With OSL, end-users can access the system within minutes through a web browser. After an initial co-development phase, any HPC codebase can be made compatible with OSL. The OSL design is continuously improved through use-cases like Peer Review-Companions, Outreach, Open Sourcing, Self-Service On-boarding, and HPC-Summer Schools. These use-cases help enhance usability, scalability, and portability of OSL.


See the original publication at https://zenodo.org/record/8114485

Dr. Constanze B. Roedig
VSC Research Center, Austrian Open Cloud Community
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