Duration: 2020 – 2024

The ADLS – Austrian DataLAB and Services project is an initiative funded by the Austrian Government to foster collaborative approaches between our partner universities in the fields of data science and high performance computing (HPC). The explicit focus lies on increasing usability, lowering the learning curve and hence saving time for researchers, teachers and students in the course of using computing resources.

The project deals with the extension and integration of digital services (application programmes that enable the processing and analysis of different types of data) and the provision of templates for future digital services and platforms – building on existing infrastructure. Access to these services will be provided through graphical user interfaces and interactive platforms. In the background, these applications access federated resources for processing and storing data. How the architecture and the implementation of the project will look like you can find out here: Why do we believe in this Vision?

Inter-university access to research data and networking are not always easy, this project aims to change that. Cooperation between universities should be promoted and thus time can be saved. Different target groups should benefit equally from the project, therefore various areas of application have been identified, which will be considered in the implementation.

The services, including the infrastructure, support digitalization in teaching and research by simplifying the use of computing resources and algorithms. This makes them accessible to a broader group of researchers, teachers and students, especially for the humanities and social sciences.


ADLS Workshop 2022
Austrian DataLAB und Services

ADLS Workshop May 2022

ADLS WORKSHOPS 24.5. The Austrian DataLAB and Services Project hosted a training and workshop day in the context of an Austrian wide science cloud. We

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