Workshop on FAIR awareness:
From Principles to Implementations

Join us for a two-day workshop on FAIR awareness with two experienced trainiers from the GO FAIR Foundation (NL) under the overall coordination of TU Wien (Library and Center for Research Data Management). The workshop is organised by TU Wien and the GO FAIR Austria office

The goal of this initiative is to increase the awareness of the FAIR Guiding Principles that help to automate the Findabiltiy, Accessibility, Interoperation and Reuse of data and digital services. The workshop will provide historical and technical context to help stakeholders better appreciate the value of FAIR and how FAIR might impact their own work in an academic environment. We will also explore the key issues around the implementation of FAIR, and consider technology trends in FAIRification and the FAIR Orchestration of research data.

Please note: The workshop is thematically embedded in an Erasmus week that takes place the following week and is organized by the TU Wien Library.

25 and 26 May 2023,  9:00 – 17:00 (both days)

TU Wien Bibliothek (Library), Room DD 05 B04 (5th floor), Resselgasse 4, 1040 Vienna.

Online participation via Zoom is also possible.


The workshop is targeted towards a broad range of stakeholders, ranging from executives, policy makers, and administrators, to information technology experts, researchers, and data stewards. Although the content is largely non-technical, a few ‘hands on’ sessions will help to ground key concepts in practical examples and exercises.


Barbara Magagna, GO FAIR Foundation (NL)
Erik SchultesGO FAIR Foundation (NL)


Day 1 (25 May 2023)

  • 09:00      Welcome – Hosts TU Wien
  • 09:10      Welcome and round of introductions / objectives – Barbara Magagna
  • 09:30      FAIR Awareness I (Background, FAIR Principles: a closer look) – Erik Schultes (remote)
  • 10:30     Break 
  • 11:00      FAIR Awareness II (FAIR Hourglass, Convergence) – Erik Schultes (remote)
  • 12:00      Q&A (including online participants)
  • 12:15     Lunch
  • 13:45      Introduction to FAIR Implementation Profiles (FIPs) – Barbara Magagna
  • 14:30      FIP mini-questionnaire *Hands on* – Barbara Magagna
  • 15:15     Break
  • 15:45      DS Wizard: From FIPs to Data Management Plans – Barbara Magagna 
  • 16:15      Q&A (including online participants)
  • 16:30      Wrap-up – Hosts TU Wien  
  • 16:40      Adjourn 

Day 2 (26 May 2023)

  • 09:00     Welcome – Hosts TU Wien
  • 09:10     Reflections Day 1 – Barbara Magagna 
  • 09.40     FAIR metadata and FAIR vocabulary – Barbara Magagna
  • 10:25     Q&A (including online participants)
  • 10:40    Break 
  • 11:10      Metadata Editor CEDAR *Demo* – Barbara Magagna
  • 11:40      Vocabulary pipeline (Sheet2RDF) *Demo* – Barbara Magagna
  • 12:10      Governance – Barbara Magagna
  • 12:40     Lunch
  • 14:10      FAIR Orchestration / FAIR vs unFAIR – Erik Schultes (remote) & Barbara Magagna
  • 15:10      Q&A (including online participants)
  • 15:40      GO FAIR Foundation 3PFF training – Barbara Magagna
  • 16:10      FAIR ConnectBarbara Magagna
  • 16:30      Discussion  (including online participants)
  • 16:40      Final words – Hosts TU Wien 
  • 16:45      Adjourn & FAIR well 


Registration for this workshop is now closed. If you have any questions, please contact us at

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