What does a Data Steward do?

Date and time: 20.05.2021; 10:00 – 12:00, online

Target group: Researchers, data stewards, research support personnel, management – universities, research and funding institutions

Language: English


The webinar “What does a Data Steward do?” will introduce you to the experts who can provide you with comprehensive advice and support on your research data management questions and challenges. You will gain interesting insights into the role and tasks of data stewards that span the entire research data lifecycle. Take this opportunity to learn more about data stewardship and the tools and services available.


  • Professionalising data stewardship in the Netherlands: Mijke Jetten, Dutch Techcentre for Life Sciences
  • Data Stewardship at TU Delft: Heather Andrews, Faculty of Aerospace Engineering, TU Delft

Tandem Talks: Data Stewards and Researchers from TU Graz:

  • Sarah Stryeck & Benedikt Riegler 
  • Hermann Schranzhofer & Christoph Moser
  • Alexander Gruber & Armin Zankel


Video recordings and slides of the webinar “What does a Data Steward do?”, TU Graz, 20.5.2021. 

Event series

The event series “Research Data Management in Austria” is aimed at researchers and / or people involved in research support and serves to promote networking and exchange on the topic of research data management, writing a data management plan and similar related topics.