Becoming part of EOSC: learn how to prepare your services

Time and place:       18.10.2022, 10:00-12:30, online

Target group:         Service Provider, Data Stewards, Research Support Staff

Language:               English

Registration is required for participation (see below).


The event “Becoming part of EOSC: learn how to prepare your services” is organised to inform about the European Open Science Cloud (EOSC) policies, use cases from the EOSC Catalogue and practical steps that enable services to be onboarded to its trusted, federated environment. 

The vision of EOSC is to develop the “Web of FAIR data and services”. The European Commission supports EOSC realisation aiming, among other things, to simplify cross-country and interdisciplinary access and interoperability in European research outputs that will increase innovation and market competition. Having services and data in EOSC enhances collaboration and visibility of intellectual works leading to a better flow of scientific information that reaches wider audiences and gets more citations. By being part of  EOSC, services are employed with best practices to support Open and FAIR research that is a prerequisite in the European Research Area, thus securing researchers’ competences and compliance with EU Open Science requirements.

This event is supported by the NI4OS-Europe project that has designed the workflows and provides the tools for the onboarding of services to EOSC in the South East European region. Complementary, the OntoCommons project will highlight the work and best practices for ontologies in EOSC.

By the end of the event, participants will be able to:

  • navigate around and use the NI4OS-Europe catalogue
  • know the different steps and procedures relevant to onboarding their services to the EOSC Catalogue
  • use new tools to comply with the EOSC Rules of Participation and onboard their services to the EOSC Catalogue
  • have their questions answered



  • Welcome – Barbara Sanchéz, TU Wien
  • NI4OS-Europe: a toolbox for onboarding services to EOSC – Andreas Athenodorou, The Cyprus Institute
  • OntoCommons: defining best practices for ontologies in EOSC – Arkopaul Sarkar, ENIT
  • EOSC Support Office Austria – Bernd Saurugger, TU Wien

Onboarding of services 

  • The NI4OS-Europe service catalogue and how it links to EOSC – Dusan Vudragovic, IPB
  • Service management in EOSC – Kostas Kaggelidis, GRNET
  • Rules of Participation in EOSC: the case of RoLECT tool – Marianna Katrakazi, ATHENA
  • OCES (OntoCommons Ecosystem) – Arkopaul Sakar, ENIT

————   break (ca. 11:00)   ————

  • Onboarding process to the EOSC Catalogue
    • Generic services in the EOSC Catalogue – Dusan Vudragovic, IPB
    • Thematic services in the EOSC Catalogue – Bojana Koteska, UKIM
    • Repositories in the EOSC Catalogue – Milica Sevkusic, University of Belgrade
      • Metadata: OpenAIRE Validator – Antonis Lempesis, OpenAIRE


Moderation: Branko Marovic, University of Belgrade

Webinar Series

The event series “Research Data Management in Austria” is aimed at researchers and / or people involved in research support and serves to promote networking and exchange on the topic of research data management, writing a data management plan and similar related topics.