Data Formats for Data Management

Date and place: 28.4. 11-11.45 am, online

Target group: Researchers and data managers

Language: German

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Which data formats are suitable for data management and for the long-term preservation of data? This question will be examined during the webinar. The talk will focus on the criteria to define the advantages and disadvantages of various data formats. These can serve as a basis for making decisions in data management. We will also explain the challenges there are concerning databases and software in terms of  data management.


  • Differences between open and proprietary Formats
  • Differences between lossless and lossy formats
  • Compromises necessary in data management
  • Dealing with databases and software
  • Q & A


Raman Ganguly (ZID, University of Vienna) – Raman is the technical director of the repository Phaidra and is responsible for the research data management infrastructure at the University of Vienna. He is also a member of several international and national networks such as RDA, COAR, OpenAIRE and RepManNet.


  • Ganguly, Raman (28.04.2021). Data Formats for Data Management. [Slides in German]. Handle: 11353/10.1188972
  • Ganguly, Raman (28.04.2021). Data Formats for Data Management. [Video recording in German]. Handle: 11353/10.1188960

About the Event Series

The event series “Research Data Management in Austria” is aimed at researchers and / or people involved in research support and serves to promote networking and exchange on the topic of research data management, writing a data management plan and similar related topics.

The event is organized by FAIR Data Austria and RepManNet.